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The Medicomp 7on7

Your most talented 7 athletes against theirs, what's it gonna be? These competitions pit the 7 best of each team against the 7 best of another in a fast paced, full-out football game, minus the pads. Each team has two halves, with a non-stop clock, to see what they can do. This gives teams a chance to see what they can look forward to in the upcoming season.
Amazing talent + a huge prize purse = the states premier 7on7 event.


Recent Events

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Brandon High Takes Home The Big Check

For the second time in 3 years Brandon High School wins it all and takes home $5,000 to their schools booster club.

Medicomp Brings National Competition To Local Level

The Medicomp 7on7 event brings high school talent from all over the southern region to play in a top-notch football tournament. Along with high-caliber teams Medicomp also bring in high-caliber sponsors. To become a sponsor Click Here

Better Stay Ready

You better be ready for the 2015 Medicomp 7on7. This years 2-day tournament is coming back with bigger games, and an even bigger prize purse.

Keep Your Team In Tune

Need a summer event for your football team? Keep your boys tuned up and visit the Medicomp 7on7, fair warning though, you better bring your A-game to reach the top and win the 6 grand prize.